Pause and Wonder

Intuition is reactive, reflection is proactive. The former is almost instantaneous while the latter is much slower since it is deliberate. Travelling from point X to point Y, you move at 100kph. On the way back (Y to X), you travel at 50kph. What is your average speed? Intuitively, 75kph (a) Upon reflection, 66.7kph (b) It pays to pause and wonder. a. the average of the average speeds b. total distance divided by total time. Trip 1 takes x time, trip 2 takes 2x time Continue reading Pause and Wonder

Thanks? No Thanks

Eat a balanced diet. Exercise vigorously several times a week. Don’t consume alcohol in excess. Drink several litres of water and ensure you have a minimum 6/7/8 hours of sleep every day. We know all this. Until you see a doctor and (s)he informs you that you are dangerously above a certain threshold of something and you need to improve certain areas. Urgently. Then we become aware. I eerily recall a couple of years ago when someone close to me was involved in a horrible car accident and for 3 weeks thereafter my driving was ultra-conscious. Ever purchased something and … Continue reading Thanks? No Thanks

Flat or Round?

In the information age, our quest for knowledge has been greatly boosted by faster, quicker methods. For the average person, this is typically Google searches, attending a class, reading a book, social media platforms, watching the news, listening to somebody smart speak. Which is really great. Do we spend time distilling that information? Weighing it. On a balanced scale, on the basis of argument and counter-argument? Understanding all the facts and truths? An example: Is the planet getting warmer? Method A 1. Who says it is? Why? 2. Who says it isn’t? Why? 3. What does the data say? How … Continue reading Flat or Round?


Ever ever Mr. West is in the building, ain’t no question who about to kill ’em Kanye West in Forever On the evening (Kenyan time) of 27 January 2016, the Twitter timeline was lit. Mr. West was mad about some indiscretions Wiz Khalifa had apparently made regarding his (Ye’s) wife and thus started a heavyhanded barrage of tweet bombs. Aside from the tweets and reactions, what Kanye wanted (and got) was a narrative around his upcoming album, presently-named “Waves.” Within 46 seconds of sending his first tweet, I had viewed it on my timeline. I imagine he was seated within … Continue reading Waves


These past few weeks we have been cheaply entertained by mind boggling ridiculousness. On one hand, someone wants to regulate Netflix in Kenya. His protest placard reads: Netflix airs content that is immoral (according to Kenya’s national values). On the other hand, taxi owners/ drivers are up in arms over Uber. Theirs is that apparently Uber drivers are not paying their fair share to the taxman. I suspect the fact that Uber indirectly acts as a price guide has nothing to do with it. Picture yourself sitting by the beach. Enjoying a fruity cocktail, tanning away your anxieties, the sound … Continue reading Inertia

Life as a Startup

Read this article on Bikozulu. Think about it. Are you feeling some form of pressure to be ‘somewhere’ in life? Maybe it’s because your parents and aunts ask you (too often) when you plan on getting married. Maybe it’s because your friends are getting promoted, making babies, buying houses, settling down. Maybe you are in your last year of campus and have no idea what you want to do with your life (like any normal human being anyway!). Maybe you are 25 and unemployed. Maybe you are 30 and there is no plan. Think of your life as a startup, … Continue reading Life as a Startup